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8th June 2024

Food & Drink
14th May 2024

End of Summer Party
31st Aug 2024

Where the events are everyday activities but the dress code most certainly is not.

Nothing On Events aims to normalise naturism and social nudity whilst breaking down the negative stereotypes of media-inspired body image and encourage everybody to accept their body as it is.

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BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey – 15th March 2022

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I really enjoyed the event. My pizza was good, as were the chips and salad. I came along with another couple but knowing what evenings can be like when you've come alone did chat to a few of the single guys there which helped me enjoy the evening. I probably wouldn't have done that at a clothed event which shows what naturism does to you. The staff were great as were the three customers who turned up late (with permission of the group). They were all naked by the end which made for a completely inclusive evening. The one thing that would have improved the night is if more women had attended as it was very one-sided but that's to be expected I guess and there's probably not much that can be done about it.


I always look forward with great anticipation to a naturist event and this pub evening was no exception. It turned out to be great fun and a most successful evening. Pizzas were superb and the staff worked very hard to make sure we all had a good time and threw themselves into the spirit of the occasion. Although my partner and I had travelled a long way to attend this inaugural "Nothing On" event we still met some familiar friends as well as conversing with new acquaintances. Well done, Adam, for getting this event off the ground; he has many more treats being made ready for us to sample in the coming months and he is playing a crucially important role in getting naturism out there into the mainstream and demonstrating that naturists are really ordinary folk who just prefer to relax and enjoy themselves without clothes. Great food, great pub staff, great company, a truly great evening! Gives a whole new meaning to the words "I've got nothing on tonight !


Nothing On organised a great event near Guildford on Saturday night at a pub. There were about 25 naturists that stripped off as soon as they were inside the pub. Chatted for half on hour and then the home made pizzas arrived. They were lovely. Chips and Salad as well. Lovely food. Afterwards there was chat and dart playing, I left about 10.30 but I understand it went on quite a bit longer. Roll on the next one, thanks Adam