Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to do any activities naked?
Being naked in a safe, friendly environment can be a really positive, life-affirming experience. If your new year’s ambition is to try new things, here’s the perfect way to do it – with the benefit of getting to sample some of the great things happening in your area.

What do I need to bring?
Some footwear – e.g. sandals, slippers or flipflops as well as a towel to sit on. Don’t bring a camera.

How should I be dressed when I arrive?
Arrive normally dressed. We’ll welcome you and explain things, then you can find a seat and get undressed.

Will it be warm enough?
Yes. We’ll get the heating cranked up if needed.

What if someone I know sees me?
The only people who’ll see you will be other naked attendees and any staff. If that someone you know is attending the event, great!

Can I take photos at the event?
No, sorry. Leave your gadgets and focus on the activity and conversation.

Is this a sexual event?
No. Nudity doesn’t have to be sexual. If your interest is sexual, then we don’t want you along. We’ll not tolerate any behaviour that makes others feel uncomfortable. Anyone behaving like that is likely to be told to leave immediately, and no refund will be offered. If you witness anything you’re not comfortable with, speak to me or a staff member.

Do I need to be completely naked?
Wear sandals, slippers or flipflops – but the point of Nothing On events is to be naked, so please don’t wear anything else. If you’re shy, bring a beach wrap or similar that you can discard when you feel comfortable.

What if I’m on my period?
If you’re menstruating and you’d prefer to keep pants or bikini bottoms on then that’s fine.

What if I accidentally get an erection?
This is very unlikely. It’s a completely non-sexual situation, but if it does happen, simply cover yourself with the towel from your chair, and wait for it to pass.

How will the seating work?
This will depend on the activity and venue. You’re welcome to sit together with friends, or mingle with others. Either way, this is a great opportunity to be friendly and meet new people.

Will it just be middle-aged white men?
No. We know there will be more men than women present, but we want these events as diverse and balanced as possible. We welcome people regardless of gender, sexuality, skin colour, ethnic background. We don’t care if you have scars, bumps, wrinkles, tattoos, if you’re hairy or smooth, or large or slim. You’ll be accepted without judgement.

I’ve never been to a naked event before. Help!
We always welcome people who haven’t been to naked events before – you won’t be the only newbie. Feel free to ask me questions in advance.

Are kids welcome?
Whilst general naturism is a family friendly lifestyle, these events are for over 18s only.

Who’s organising this?
Me, Adam Ford. As a naturist I like to organise events to the same standard I expect them when I am a guest. Since mid-2021, I’ve been looking to set up events to share with people the positive experience of being naked in a safe friendly environment. Each Nothing On event is run in collaboration with staff from the venue.

How much will it cost?
This is activity dependent but my aim for dining events is to keep the initial ticket cost under £25 per person. How much you choose to spend on additional food and drinks is entirely down to you after that. The reservation is only refundable up to a fortnight before each event. This is so the restaurant has some security.

Can I just turn up?
No. You’ll need to pay for a reserved seat in advance. We will have a list of names at the door. Please don’t turn up without having bought a ticket.

I have more questions! Who can I ask?
Send us a message on Facebook, Whatsapp or email us at [email protected].