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BREAKING NEWS: Naturist women have more chance to survive a cardiac-related medical emergency!

Whilst the title might be a little misleading, there is an element of truth behind it. The reason being; the taboo of removing a bra during defibrillation procedures.

That’s right, first aiders (male and female) need reminding that taking a bra off is not only ok but important when medically necessary but also addressing the topic of implied consent via a very worthy campaign “Bra Off, Defib On” with the tagline #getyourtitsoutforthepads by Jenny Legg. I’d recommend going through the site as there is a wealth of information on there but the most shocking stat to me was that women are 27% less likely to receive CPR compared to men because of procedures that might be construed as ‘inappropriate’.

There have been lawsuits raised, people being branded as perverts and all sorts because of how we view breasts and being exposed in public. Obviously as long as the person is behaving appropriately in the best interest of the patient this should never be the case. I saw comments on social media about “dignity going out the window in these circumstances”, making it sound like bare breasts or going bra-less is somehow undignified – I’m sure most reading this will have a view of that.

So whilst from a professional sense, Jenny is doing excellent work to raise awareness, is there more that we need to do as a society to correct many years of misleading via the media, advertising and trying to satisfy the “needs” of segments of the human population? What the body is and is not and how it is viewed based on the circumstances rather than a blanket view that certain parts are only sexual all of the time? This is why naturism is considered lawful in the UK with a focus more on someone’s behaviours than their state of dress/undress. Along with the fact that the simple act of breastfeeding in public comes under scrutiny from prudes and naysayers around the world, how do we undo such negativity about the human form?

As a community of naturists, many of us are trying to #normalisenaturism and #normalisenudity, showing others that whilst we are all different, we’re all the same too and generally speaking most people have or have had what most people have or have had.

So there you go, if you don’t mind your breasts being on display and/or you choose not to wear a bra in the first place, you have a higher chance of surviving a cardiac-related medical emergency!

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