How news spreads… and FAST!

10 weeks ago, Nothing On Events didn’t exist.

6 weeks ago, didn’t exist.

1 week ago, things went crazy

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When Nothing On Events was first a thing, a little Facebook page with plans to organise a few local events, I had an idea about the potential but didn’t really know to go about spreading the word.  Apart from posting on social media and hoping it stuck with enough people to like, share, comment etc, what could I do to help it along?

Thankfully on one of the posts looking for venues willing to host a naked event, I was contacted by Joanne from Town & County Magazine who wanted to write an article.  Nerve-wracking as it was to be interviewed over the phone, the very positive article was published in Issue 27 on page 66, including a cover-story highlight.  I’ll add that to a ‘Media’ section on the website I thought as it’ll be nice to keep a record of where Nothing On Events has been mentioned… so I did, along with the article from The Spectator that covered the Naked Secret Supper Club event that was held in October 2021.

Cheekily utilising an email address from the BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey post-event interview I did for that same supper club, 24 hours later I was on the radio again on 15th March 2022.  This time on my own, 10 minutes talking about my own new venture and views on naturism.  Consider that added to the media section too.

The word was definitely getting out and event sign-ups were picking up and more events were being added to the calendar, noteably one in Plymouth after being requested on social media that I delve into the South West.  Nothing On Events’ first expansion!  Many thanks to Plymouth Sun Club who trustingly included our details in a mass mailing the next day and now the event at 1620 Pub & Eatery is officially the first to sell out for Nothing On!

Then came national press coverage, courtesy of Daily Star!  The naturism-positive article was published online on 9th April 2022 and up to that point, had about 3000 views, averaging roughly 250 views a day.  Not that much attention had been paid to site stats before that but on 11th April we had a notification congratulating us that 5k views had been reached.  “Wow”, I thought, hastily taking a screenshot and sending it to a bunch of people I thought might care as well as posting on all the social media platforms.  A milestone indeed!

Today, on 15th April, we received our 10k views notification.  What?!?  How have the viewings doubled in just 4 days?  Well, the site stats and specifically the referrers, tell all…  Its not just Town & County, BBC Radio and Daily Star who have contributed to the rise, these articles and posts I didn’t even know existed…

Oh and Reddit has picked up the articles which are being discussed in /r/worldnews, /r/nudism and /r/naturism.


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